WordPress - Best way to load Vanguard Data

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Milos Stojanovic Support Agent
8 months ago
Closed due to inactivity.
Milos Stojanovic Support Agent
9 months ago

Hey Israel,

Unfortunately, I cannot help you much with this since Vanguard is not meant to be used with WordPress and I've never tried to use it like that. However, maybe there is someone who is able to help so we'll leave the ticket open...


Israel Dutra
9 months ago

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to create a site using WordPress and use Vanguard into some pages. Both systems (wordpress and vanguard) has installed in the same server.

My wordpress site is ok, created, ready to use. So,  my question is, what's the best way to use Vanguard into WordPress, to load Vanguard data into some WordPress pages?

Thank you so much!