User Management

Advanced Security - PHP Register/Login System Advanced Security - PHP Register/Login System / Last updated on April 26, 2018

If you are logged in as Administrator, you are available to manage registered website users.

To do this, go to Users page.

There is 3 type of users (3 different user roles) by default:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • User

For every user displayed in user table, there is one blue button in "Action" column. Depending on user's role, text on blue button can be User, Editor or any new role added by admin. Admin users won't be displayed there since there can be only one admin. More about how you can utilize different user roles and act differently for different user roles, can be found in authorization section.

On users page you are able to search through all users by typing words inside search box located above users table. Users will be automatically filtered and displayed. Also you can sort all columns the column header, and to paginate through table records using pagination located below the users table.

Create New User

As an administrator, you can add new users manually. To do that, just click "Add User" button located above users table and fill required info.


Edit User

Edit existing users is also a breeze. Just click small caret to the right of the blue button and select "Edit".



Display User Details

In order to view user details without editing them, just click the small caret to the right of the blue button, and select Details option from drop-down menu.


Ban User

If you want to keep user in database and just disable his account, you can simply ban that user by selecting Ban option from dropdown menu. All banned users have their button inside Action column painted in red.


Delete User

You can delete the specific user by clicking small caret to the right of the blue button, and select Delete option from dropdown menu.


Change User's Role

User role can be changed to any available user role, no matter if its a default or manually added one. You can change user's role by clicking small caret to the right of the blue button and selecting Change Role


After that, just select the desired user role from the dropdown list and click Ok.